Fresh As

Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, whole, in pieces or as powder from New Zealand

Fresh As always chooses the highest quality fruit and vegetable in their season. The fresh products go through a careful freeze-drying process, resulting in a product with a vibrant color, taste, structure and with countless applications. And all products are 100% natural. The range of products varies from slices of fruit to herb powders and from vegetable powders to whole pieces of fruit. All freeze-dried with optimal taste and color.

Add flavor, structure and color to your dishes

Add flavor, structure and color to your dishes! After freeze-drying, the taste remains fully present and is nicely concentrated. You can serve the freeze-dried fruit and vegetables whole or in parts or, for example, grated or crumbled. Rungis also offers a wide range of freeze-dried fruit- and vegetable powders. Those can be perfectly used in, for example, white chocolate, meringue, macarons and any other application where you don’t want to add moisture, but do want to add color and taste.

Freeze drying in two steps

The products are quickly frozen at a very low temperature of +/- 80 degrees Celcius. This reduces the chance of damage. The quicker it’s frozen, the smaller the ice crystals become. After freezing the fruits and vegetables are dried. First the biggest part of the ice will get removed at a low pressure, slowy, in a couple of days. The ice doesn’t thaws first, but evaporates instantly.

Blackberries whole
Article number 370001, bag of 200 gram
Great to use in desserts or pastries.

Wild blueberries whole
Article number 370003, bag of 100 gram
Intense color and a full, sweet taste.

Raspberries whole
Article number 370010, bag of 180 gram
Crispy with an intense raspberry flavor.

Capers whole
Article number 370023, bag of 50 gram
Intense kappertjessmaak met een mooie crunch. Leuk te verwerken in verschillende gerechten.

Lychee whole
Article number 370004, bag of 200 gram
Gemaakt van topkwaliteit lychees.

Green peas whole
Article number 370021, bag of 60 gram
Verrassend als knapperig element.

Blood orange slice
Article number 370006, bag of 100 gram
Very decorative.

Mandarin segments
Article number 370005, bag of 150 gram
Extraordinary looking because all the moisture has been drawn from the mandarin.

Pineapple chunks
Article number 370008, bag of 200 gram
Packed with flavor. Surprising addition to the breakfast buffet with the yoghurt.

Yellow peach slice
Article number 370009, bag of 150 gram
Enjoy flavorful stone fruit all year round.

Yuzu flakes
Article number 370014, bag of 50 gram
With the unmistakable yuzu flavor.

Strawberry slice
Article number 370012, bag of 100 gram
Fun to use in salads or as decoration for desserts and cakes.

Rhubarb sticks
Article number 370022, bag of 100 gram
A great product for baking without adding extra moisture.

Sweet corn kernels
Article number 370020, bag of 80 gram
Perfectly to use as a sweet snack. Also delicious as a crunchy element in salads.

Raspberry powder
Article number 370011, bag of 180 gram
Made from freeze-dried raspberries, without further additives.

Yellow beetroot powder
Article numberr 370016, bag of 200 gram
Bright yellow color. For example, use in a healthy smoothie.

Blackberry powder
Article number 370002, bag of 200 gram
Dark purple in color. Super decorative and tasteful.

Passion fruit powder
Article number 370007, bag of 200 gram
With a beautiful yellow/orange color and an intense refreshing-sweet taste.

Red beetroot powder
Article number 370015, bag of 200 gram
Deep red in color with a sweet and earthy taste.

Strawberry powder
Article number 370013, bag of 150 gram
Great to mix in a mousse.

Kaffir lime leaf powder
Article number 370017, bag of 100 gram
Recognizable fresh, aromatic lime taste.

Lemongrass powder
Article number 370018, bag of 80 gram
Does great in Asian cuisine. Immediately gives a fresh lemon flavor.

Vietnamese mint powder
Article number 370019, bag of 60 gram
Fresh with a peppery taste. Typical flavor for the Vietnamese kitchen.

Rungis is a supplier with amazing products. And they always have new and seasonal products. The service is also great.’

‘Rungis is my eyes and ears. They know exactly what fits our vision: the purity of a product which we can make something beautiful with. Very appealing is their variety of special suppliers