Super fresh ginger from Holland

Together with our grower from the Westland, we have an unique scoop that we’re very proud of: super fresh ginger from Holland!

The differences with the ginger roots as we know them these days are enormous. This fresh ginger doesn’t have to be on the road for several weeks to get to the Netherlands, and is therefore not dried up. The result is a super fresh product with a thin skin that doesn’t need to be removed and can be eaten directly. This ginger is also not stringy at all and has a crispy bite, is super juicy and has that incredible spicy taste.

Our grower from the Westland follows the natural cycles, planting in the spring and harvesting in the autumn. Cultivation also takes place without the use of artificial pesticides. And to make the most of this beautiful product, the tasty stems and leaves of this fresh ginger are also available.

Fresh Dutch ginger

Article number: 20216

Taste: Pleasant spicy taste, juicy and with a crunchy bite.

Preparation: Cutting thinly and using raw is already an experience.

Combine with: Thanks to the freshness of this ginger, the skin doesn’t have to be removed. This makes the product immediately ready to use and can also be used in its entirety.

Stems of Dutch ginger

Article number: 32182

Taste: The mild taste and scent of the fresh ginger is well reflected in these stems.

Preparation: Use the stems for example for decoration in a dish or in different drinks.

Combine with: For presentation or, for example, stewed in a dish.

Leaves of Dutch ginger

Article number: 32183

Taste: The mild taste and scent of the fresh ginger is well reflected in these leaves.

Preparation: For example as decoration on the plate, under a dish.

Combine with: Let the leaves steep in the tea for a mild ginger taste and a nice scent.

They know: vegetables are the base for making a great dish. They don’t let you wait an entire week before something’s there. They have everything, from small farmers to international products.

In the first place because of the enormously wide range of products. And as an extra, i’m a big Japan fanatic and Rungis imports a lot from Japan; that’s also an important reason