Sliced vegetables from our mise and place kitchen

Nothing from our mise and place kitchen comes from stock, everything is processed ‘just in time’.

In our own mise and place kitchen we cut, peel, wash an pack in an efficient manner in order to deliver ready to use. Our cutting section ensures that your custom cut vegetables will be delivered on time and with the right taste.

Do you want to save on labor costs? Or are you temporarily understaffed in the kitchen? Perhaps we can take over your mise and place?

Stir-fry mix special

Article number 220209, per kilo

Composition: Leek, white cabbage, carrot, green beans, mini corn, bok choy, bean sprouts, onion, pepper and parsley.

Taste: A colorful mix with crispy vegetables. Gives a rich and fresh look to your dish.

Combine with: This roughly sliced stir-fry mix can be used in many dishes and is easy to cook.

Bami nasi vegetables

Article number 220011, per kilo

Composition: Leek, white cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, onion and parsley.

Taste: Mix of recognizable flavors.

Combine with: The ideal base for Oriental dishes. Constant quality with endless possibilities.

Soup vegetables without cauliflower

Article number 220225, per kilo

Composition: Leek, carrot, celery and flat leave parsley.

Taste: Classic mix of flavorful vegetables for soups.

Combine with: You can also ad in some lovage.

Everything is processed 'just in time'.

Finely sliced red cabbage

Article number 220205, per kilo

Composition: Finely sliced red cabbage.

Taste: Gets softer in taste when cooked. Give the cabbage extra flavor with vinegar, sugar and cinnamon.

Combine with: When cooked, the red cabbage is delicious with apple or fresh figs.

Cleaned pearl onions

Article number 220074, per kilo

Composition: Pearl onions.

Taste: Good onion taste, when heated the taste gets milder and sweeter.

Combine with: Great to caramelize with some sugar and to deglaze with some balsamic vinegar.

Raw vegetables julienne

Article number 220185, per kilo

Composition: Courgette, radish, winter radish and carrot.

Taste: Fresh and crispy raw vegetable mix, with a great balance of mild and spicy flavors.

Combine with: Already great when mixed with a light dressing. Serve with entrees or as a fresh garnish with the main.

Celery sticks

Article number 220021, per kilo

Composition: Sliced celery.

Taste: Refreshing, crispy and juicy taste.

Combine with: Combine with a dipping sauce of mayonnaise and mustard, or with a cocktail like a Bloody Mary.

Ratatouille 30 mm

Article number 220178, per kilo

Composition: Colored peppers, red onion, courgette and eggplant.

Taste: After heating, the ratatouille gets a rich taste and a soft texture.

Combine with: Great in combination with thyme and garlic with roasted lamb or pig.

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