Red love apples

The Red Love apple has a bright red skin and the flesh also has a redish colour.

Rungis is proud of its passionate growers! One of these specialists is Jacco Merkens from Werkhoven: “I love fruit, especially apples”. Meet one of the newest sensations: the Red Love apple. A very useful apple with a striking appearance and also super healthy.

The cultivation

The cultivation of the Red Love apple is a huge challenge. Jacco Merkens from Werkhoven in Utrecht is proud of his result. The special red fruit color is naturally present to a limited extent, especially in wild apple varieties. Yet the road to this unique apple was long: almost 20 years. Thousands of farmed apples have been tasted and rejected again. Jacco Merkens: “Only after the apple really had the taste we had in mind, we could say: We’re here, the new apple is a fact.”

Feast for the eye

This new apple variety has a characteric aroma characterized by sugar and acidity. With its red flesh, it is a feast for the culinary eye. It is a wonderful product for the kitchen. Especially in the autumn when there is not that much red fruit left on the market. The red color goes well with desserts, cakes, fruit salads and drinks. The apple is not only a feast for the eyes, the taste of the Red Love is refreshing and, thanks to its high dose of antioxidants, also healthy.

Red Love apples

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Taste: In addition to the beautiful color of the flesh, the Red Love apples have a refreshingly sour taste and a characterful aroma.

Preparation: Squeezed through desserts, fruit salads or the juice.

Combine with: Make a colorful Waldorf salad, for example. Also great to combine in starters. Think of a combination with, for example, beef tartare or sea bass.


The quality of their stuff is also three levels highter than before. But what i'm most happy about is the service of Rungis. I have never experiences this in twenty years in the hospitality industry.

Rungis has a lot of experience with fruits and vegetables and stands for quality. Their communication is also a big plus. Almost daily we receive a text or email about the new seasonal products