No meat substitutes but vegetables at their best

Vegetable preparations from Gijs Kemmeren: no meat substitutes but vegetables at their best.

De demand of vegetarian and vegan dishes is increasing fast, and not only among the vegetarian guests. The average Dutch person is more and more aware of what he or she eats on a daily base. That’s why Gijs Kemmeren and Rungis launch two special vegetable preparations together, suitable for every kitchen and every menu. All creativity remains in the hands of the chef, we only offer a solid base for a great vegetable dish.

For four years, Gijs Kemmeren has immersed himself in the vegetarian vegetable kitchen. As a chef at ‘Herberg de Kop van ‘t Land’ in Dordrecht, he looked at vegetables in the same way he used to look at fish and meat. By approaching the vegetable kitchen in a fresh and pure way, Gijs developed a large number of new techniques to present vegetables at its best.

Gijs regularly prepares dishes for chefs and restaurant owners, all with positive reactions. However, he is often told that his preparations are not feasible in their kitchen due to lack of time or material. So now it’s time to share the knowledge with colleagues in a different way, to take the mise and place out of hands and to provide an amazing base.

All these vegetable preparations are free from allergens and completely vegetable-based, and therefore also very suitable for vegan guests. Although it’s a fresh product, all products are excellent for storing in the freezer.

Jerusalem artichoke tartare

Article number 261029, bag 750 grams

Taste: The structure and the mouth sensation are reminiscent of a beautiful fish tartare.

Preparation: Mix the tartare, for example, with a dressing of lime juice and lime zest with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Combine with: You can vary endlessly with this ideal base for a cold starter. Jerusalem artichoke is a winter product that’s very suitable to be on the menu year round thanks to its fresh and light taste.

Dry-aged red beet

Article number 261030, bag 1 kilo

Taste: The beet is aged for at least 21 days and dries slowly. Although different cooking techniques are involved, only sea salt is added during the salting of the beet.

Preparation: Remove the beetroot from the package. Pat dry and fry in oil until golden brown on both sides. No need to put extra salt on the beetroot.

Combine with: Bake golden brown on both sides and serve, the perfect main dish. But also as a base for an amazing vegetarian steak tartare or carpaccio.

‘Rungis is my eyes and ears. They know exactly what fits our vision: the purity of a product which we can make something beautiful with. Very appealing is their variety of special suppliers

In the first place because of the enormously wide range of products. And as an extra, i’m a big Japan fanatic and Rungis imports a lot from Japan; that’s also an important reason