Rungis Food Fair

This year, Rungis celebrates its 30th anniversary! And we like to celebrate this with our chefs and catering entrepreneurs. Save the date: Monday, June the 3th. We will keep you informed about our Rungis Food Fair.

30 years the connection between grower and chef! On Monday, June 3th 2019 we will discover, together with you, what our favorite growers have to offer. The decor of this festive day is Landgoed Vollenhoven in De Bilt, where we discover the cultivation of numerous vegetables in the magnificent vegetable garden.

The five seasons of Rungis #150SeizoenenRungis

✔ Discover the extensive range of fresh products from Rungis
✔ Meet the growers and producers
✔ Get to know the story behind the product
✔ Be inspired by different cooking and barbecue techniques


The team and the growers from Rungis will ensure that you lack nothing: meet tough and exciting flavor combinations.

We’re proud at the partners with whom we will make the Rungis Food Fair a success. These include:

  • Cas Spijkers Academy
  • Big Green Egg
  • Friethoes
  • Nice to Meat
  • Bourgondisch Lifestyle
  • Ramona van Zweden
  • Anfors Imperial
  • DJ Rose
  • Schmidt Zeevis Rotterdam
  • Cerisa kersen
  • PUURgroente
  • Ponthier
  • Sapje
  • JanisFarm
  • Jan Kruijsse Zeeuwse zeewierhandel
  • Funghi Funghi
  • Riafresh
  • Masia el Altet olive oil
Pupils from the Cas Spijkers Academy will cook in the garden

The pupils from the Cas Spijkers Academy Nijmegen will cook their exam assignment during the 3th of June. 5 different teams will be made and are linked to the favorite growers of Rungis.

The assignment: create one dish for the attendees and make sure the products of your grower has a leading role. In advance there is plenty of time to visit the grower and discover the world behind the ingredient.

The registration will open on April 3th. Till then, save the date, June the 3th from 11.00 till 15.00.

Keep following us and we’ll keep you informed #150SeizoenenRungis

The quality of their stuff is also three levels highter than before. But what i'm most happy about is the service of Rungis. I have never experiences this in twenty years in the hospitality industry.

You can hear it everywhere: they deliver quality. Thanks to them i'm always assured of good stuff. When buying the right ingredients, your already half way there.