Winterfries made of parsnip and sweet potato

Every week Gert Jan Zonneveld Piek inspirers you with his favorite products. This week we tell you all about the new winterfries from Friethoes. It isn´t easy to make delicious fries from vegetables, but the guys from Friethoes definitely pulled it off!

Taste is everything for Friethoes and Rungis

During the winter other dishes find their way to the table. It´s time for pea soup and vegetable mash. Menus change and other vegetables are preferred in the stores. Most of the time we try a little harder during the winter months

Challenge accepted!

At Friethoes they like to experiment and innovate. We´re crazy about fries made of the best potatoes. But we also notice it´s getting colder, the sky is getting gray and we have to put on our gloves. Time for something different.


After trying for a long time and tasting even more, Friethoes is now coming with winterfries! It wasn´t easy to make delicious fries in which nothing is added, just like our good old potato. But we pulled it off, we created not one, but two winterfries: sweet potato and parsnip. Both incredibly delicious. but also very different.

The parsnip- and sweet potato fries are exclusively available at Rungis for the foodprofessionals. Take a look at the website of Friethoes.

In the first place because of the enormously wide range of products. And as an extra, i’m a big Japan fanatic and Rungis imports a lot from Japan; that’s also an important reason

At Rungis they already know for 15 years what i want and how i don't want it. This way you make each other stronger.