Quality assurance

In our society food safety is increasing to take a more prominent place. Managing and controlling the entire food chain is an essential component in the management of Rungis.

ISO 22000 FSSC

Rungis has an ISO 22000 FSSC certification for all its business processes. This way we can guarantee the food safety from the grower and all the way to the kitchen.

Rungis is affiliated to the Food Compass. This sectoral monitoring system checks the products of her members for the presence of residues. Rungis also makes its products tested periodically at an independent laboratory to ensure all the products meet the microbiological requirements.

For questions about our food safety system or additional information, please contact us at kwaliteitszorg@rungis.nl.

Corporate social responsibility

In the area of ‘corporate social responsibility’ Rungis also takes her responsibility. As a fruit- and vegetable specialist for the food industry Rungis acts with respect for nature, society, employees, customers, growers and products. Sustainable business will eventually generate a profit for everyone.

Residual stream of fruit and vegetables

In the vision of Rungis, controlling the residual stream is a key role within the circular economy. Rungis consciously chooses to accurately separate fruit and vegetable waste from other waste streams. Through a large-scale digester our fruit and vegetables residual stream is converted into biogas. Green electricity and green natural gas are generated from this biogas. The solid that remains after this process is used as soil improver in the agriculture and horticulture. And then the circle is complete.

Would you like to receive more information? Feel free to contact us at kwaliteitszorg@rungis.nl.

Rungis is complete. We have a good relationship with their people, they keep us informed about the seasons, they really think along.

I don’t want to waste a lot of time on finding the best quality products every day. With Rungis it’s also nice we can plan ahead, and: a deal is a deal. That’s also Rungis.