Fresh Japanese yuzu

Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit that gets people talking. This rare citrus wasn’t available in Europe, until recently. The yuzu is loved because of its characteristic aromatic scent, the special ethereal oils in the skin and the exquisite juice.

The favorite fruit of chefs

You mainly use the zest and the juice from yuzu. The aromatic skin gives beautiful flavor accents to dishes. The juice is less sharp and much more subtle than lemon. A complex blend of lime, lemon and the sweet overtones of mandarin. The gastronome even recognizes grapefruit and pine scent in there. Yuzu juice is used in fish- meat dishes, gels, mayonnaise, vinaigrettes, soups, sauces, in cocktails and desserts.

The Kochi prefecture

Yuzu grows on thorny, beautiful trees and thrives best on a deep layer of mildly acidic soil with good drainage of rainwater. The Kochi mountain area, where our yuzus are from, provides perfect conditions for growth due to the great differences in temperature between day and night. This is how the best flavor sensation is attained.

Strict selection

The yuzu has a fragile, bumpy and often loose skin. The fruit contains lots of seeds and little, but sublime juice. The juice costs as much as a good glass of wine, but for the most dishes only a few drops are sufficient. 90% of the harvest is immediately frozen, processed into juice, dried or processed in all kinds of products. Only 10% makes it through the selection and will be traded as fresh fruit.

Fresh yuzu is still hard to get, but every year from November to February we have fresh original yuzu from Japan available for you. Fully ripe and in the very best quality.

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