Your preparations from out mise en place kitchen

With our modern equipment and expertise we can process your desired order carefully and fast.

Sometimes with machines, sometimes made by hand

Sometimes with machines, sometimes by hand but always focused on the right results. Saving on labor costs? Or temporarily understaffed in the kitchen? We can do a part of your preparation.

Your desired order will be processed by professionals in our separated production area

Hand cut fruit salads made from ready to eat fruits, fresh raw vegetable salads, peeled garlic, peeled potatoes or hand cut vegetables in different shapes and sizes, no problem for our team. Also washed and picked lettuce or vegetable mixes from this season can be delivered daily. Our lettuce mixes are super fresh, washed in ice water and consist of carefully thought out combinations.

Highest food safety standard

The ISO 22000 FSSC norm, which meets Rungis’ mise en place kitchen, can be compared with the Dutch HACCP criteria, but with international acceptance. Rungis lets itself checked regularly on the additional requirements this norm brings. This way both you as we get that extra certainty.

Direct use

In our high care mise en place kitchen we cut, peel, wash and pack in an efficient way to deliver your products ready for direct use. Your desired order will be processed by professionals in our separated production area which has acces to modern equipment.

You can hear it everywhere: they deliver quality. Thanks to them i'm always assured of good stuff. When buying the right ingredients, your already half way there.

In the first place because of the enormously wide range of products. And as an extra, i’m a big Japan fanatic and Rungis imports a lot from Japan; that’s also an important reason