Talent to the top

Upcoming hospitality talent is very important for Rungis!

We help the professionals of the future to grow through excursions, guest lectures and seasonal information about fruits and vegetables. Also our FiveSeasons Inspiration book is being used as a learning tool and we contribute to the development of new SVH learning materials.

Support with hospitality education

Rungis co-operats with retaining the up-to-date knowledges of teachers. Hospitality makes quick developments, fruits and vegetables increase to take an important place for several reasons. New products like fresh seaweed and Japanese fruits and vegetables are offering endless possibilities and opportunities. The next generation of hospitality professionals are the ones we want to involve in these developments.

FiveSeasons Inspirationbook

Our pride: the source of inspiration for chefs, teachers and students. In our FiveSeasons Inspirationbook we’ll lead you through the five seasons of Runigs, spring, early summer, summer, autumn and winter. The fact that you can look forward to specific products is the great thing about products from this season. As well as the sustainable, the affordable price and the best taste of the products.

In our book we discuss the taste, preparation and the possible flavor combinations from more than thousands of fruits and vegetables. At this moment the FiveSeasons Inspirationbook is being used at several schools and available for education at a reduced rate.

Gert Jan’s choice: culinary compass

Weekly we produce Gert Jan’s choice, a short movie in wich we’ll show you in just one minute what fruits and vegetables are now at its best. We spread this movie through our weekly e-mail and social media. A variety of chefs take a minute to watch this movie every Friday at 15.00. Gert Jan: “Who ever uses the seasons as a culinary compass, will experience that seasonal cooking will give your creativity an enormous boost.

Follow, together with your colleagues and classmates, Rungis on Facebook and Instagram to see the newest items we receive daily here in Barendrecht.

Dutch SVH Master title

The SVH masters are a showcase for the Dutch hospitality industry. Rungis supports organizations like the Gastronomic guild, Dutch SVH, Euro-Toques and Gastronomixs through sponsorship, and especially by sharing knowledge.
Responsable for the Communication and Trends at Rungis is SVH Masterchef Niels van den Berg: “the propagating of our beautiful profession and the promoting of the fair kitchen to upcoming hospitality talent is something Rungis stands for.

Fresh new learning tools for young chefs

Rungis works very tight together with SVH to develop new learning materials for chefs and hospitality professionals. Van den Berg: “The new learning tools include books and an online platform which contains short movies that show the vision of our profession in a catchy way. The techniques which are important in the kitchen and the hospitality profession are also shown in an appealing way. At this moment, level one learning tools have been completed. Level two and three is a work in progress, level four will follow afterwards.

Watch a sneak preview from behind the scenes:


Guest lectures

Several times a year Rungis provides a guest lecture for educations like the Starclass and the Cas Spijkers Academy. “Every single time it’s extraordinary to see which dishes the students prepare with fruits and vegetables that they earlier that morning didn’t even knew” mentions Niels.

To the soucre

You can only tell you guests, colleagues or students passionate about a product when you’ve been at the source yourself. Several times a year we take chefs and teachers with us to visit growers who are very proud of their product and will do everything for the best flavor. The enthusiasm is contagious!

Education, never too old to learn

Personal development and learning never stops. Rungis helps chefs, teachers and students at all stages in their career to stay up-to-date and inspired. Come and visit us in Barendrecht or join one of our events and boost your creativity with fruits and vegetables.

Rungis has everything, really everything. And what they don't have, they will arrange for you. They think along. When during a concert of Lady Gaga i want to make freaky dishes, the will find me freaky vegetables.

Rungis is complete. We have a good relationship with their people, they keep us informed about the seasons, they really think along.