Together we surpass expectations

Rungis is the fruit and vegetable specialist for the Dutch restaurants and food professionals.


We believe that a business without innovation and improvements does not have a future, this applies to your business and our own oganization. At Rungis we make sure innovation is practical: each year we add a wide range of products to our assortment, products which you can surpass you guests expactations with, over and over again.

Through continuous improvements with logistics, targeted inspiration, speed and flexibility we remain the partner you can rely on and which stays ahead of the market, together with you.

Rungis supports you

With well timed information and personal  service we make sure you can excel. At Rungis product, price and passion goes hand in hand, all with the aim to build a sustainable cooperation. We go for more flavor and less waste, for a reliable delivery instead of disappointments. We´re happy to advise you with the selection of your menu with the common goal to exceed the expectations of your guests with reducing food cost in mind.


In everything we do we always chose quality above aything else. Our entire assortment would be available at only half of the suppliers. But not with the quality we guarentee. That’s why we choose to find the absolutely best quality for every of our almost 4000 products we ship. For us quality means, the right product at the right time. Sometimes that means a equal shape and color is most important, but in the other case the shape and color isn´t as important. In that case, you can chose our Du Marché line, that´s where good prices and excellent freshness come together.

Your signature

Chefs should be able to blindly trust the quality Rungis provides. It’s important because we can see the role of fruits and vegetables in dishes increase every day. More and more chefs add their own signature to a dish with fruits and vegetables. For example products with a short season, extraordinary fruits and vegetables from Japan or fresh seaweed from the Oosterschelde.

Chefs should be able to blindly trust the quality Rungis provides
Daily at your kitchen

Fruits and vegetables will get their value when they’re at the right time, in the right quality and at the right place. That’s why the logistics is a vital part, which we have the full control over. To ensure speed and quality we have full control over the entire chain, we select our suppliers with great care and we keep close contact with customers. The delivery from Barendrecht is done entirely with own refrigerated trucks and own drivers. Our drivers know the requirements of fresh products like no one else as well as the requests of every kitchen. Read more about our quality assurance.

A passion for taste, a passion for you

By listening to the wishes of the chef and to focus on tasteful products at an extraordinary quality, we’re able to grow every year. The passion for taste and fresh products can be found at any place in the company, from order entry to driver, from purchasing to accounting and from order picking to sales.

From day one we want to exceed expectations. Gert Jan and his colleagues still know how to expand the huge range of products every single month. Through more than 135 years of gastronomic experience, we know how to translate the chef’s request into new products.

In the first place because of the enormously wide range of products. And as an extra, i’m a big Japan fanatic and Rungis imports a lot from Japan; that’s also an important reason

I choose Rungis because of the consistently high quality, because they have a lot of Japanese products in their assortment. And because they're a precursor.