At Rungis we care about sustainability and we continuously work on making our products, processes and deployment of people and resources more sustainable. This is reflected in all facets of our business operations.

Rungis is there for customers, employees and growers

We support our customers and suppliers in the field of sustainability. We help customers improve their sustainability by advising them within our seasons, supplying organic fruit and vegetables or by selecting local products.

We encourage our growers to grow sustainably. We also, very emphatically, support small-scale (organic) growers and, for example, care farm De Kleine Hoeve in Breda. We purchase the entire harvest from this organic care farm.

Rungis’ policy is aimed at keeping its employees permanently employable. This includes offering development opportunities, a discount on health insurance and an ergonomic workplace.

photo: biodynamic fruit growing company Fruitweelde in Ingen

The five seasons of Rungis

At Rungis we know five seasons in fruit and vegetables. Products in their season have a better availability and a better price. We therefore always advise our relations to stay within the season. Also, fruit and vegetables from closer up are more environmentally friendly.

Corporate social responsibility

In the field of ‘corporate social responsibility’ Rungis also takes her responsibility. As a fruit- and vegetable specialist for the food industry Rungis acts with respect for nature, society, employees, customers, growers and products. Sustainable business will eventually generate a profit for everyone.


At Rungis we combat food waste in various ways. By properly coordinating purchase and sales, we keep the waste low. For many waste products from our mise en place kitchen we find a solution, for example cucumber hearts are used to marinate as a salad, are pickled or are used in smoothies.

We are happy to advise you as a chef or entrepreneur on how you can prevent food waste within your company. For example, by looking at your packaging size or by giving advice about what to make from your residual waste. Like fermenting of making fruit and vegetable powders.

Residual flow of fruit and vegetable waste

In the view of Rungis, control of the residual flows has a key role within the circular economy. Rungis consciously chooses to accurately separate fruit and vegetable waste from the other residual flows. Our fruit and vegetable residual flow is converted into biogas with the help of a large-scale fermenter. Green electricity and green natural gas are generated from this biogas. The solid material that remains after this process is used as a soil improver in agriculture and horticulture. So the circle is complete again!

With fruit and vegetables, we’re delighted we can work with Rungis. In addition to our regular products, we can also get our special products. Mini-vegetables and extraordinary herbs and flowers.

At Rungis they already know for 15 years what i want and how i don't want it. This way you make each other stronger.