Our team

We're proud of our customers. Respect, passion and ambition, that's what characterizes our collaboration. How can we grow together?
Gert Jan Zonneveld Piek

Director/owner & founder

We only know a small part of the available fruits and vegetables, my passion is to discover new ones

Francis Zonneveld Piek

Marketing director/owner

We keep going till we know what’s really important to you, this way we can make a difference

Yoram Vooijs

Operations director

Rungis is as strong as the weakest link, together we’re Rungis and we’re there for you

Leon van Bokkem

Manager Sales & Advise

We'll grow together with you

Simone Bakker

Sales & Advice from Barendrecht

Everything has to be right day in day out, that’s my goal

Anthonie Kruijthof

Sales & Advice from Barendrecht

The possibilities with fruit and vegetables are endless, what can i surprise you with?

Lotte Blom

Sales & Advice from Barendrecht

Together we give fruit and vegetables a visible place on the menu, your menu

Martijn Streefkerk

Sales & Advice from Barendrecht

I know what’s important in the kitchen, to inspire you and provide you with information is my goal

Roland van der Kuijl

Sales & Advice from Barendrecht

With the right advice it’s possible to surprise your guests year round with fruits and vegetables from the season

Anne Fleur Zonneveld Piek

support sales & advice

I'll make sure you can do your work as good as possible

Leo de Snoo

order entry

Being a greengrocer is an profession, we like to help you further with our knowledge

Wessel Vermeulen

Order entry

I'll make sure to process your order as neatly as possible

Arjan Grip


It’s all in the details, good service starts with listening, what can i do for you?

Paul van der Linde


Standing still is no option, together we’ll make sure to be ahead

Lennart Poot

account manager

The possibilities with fruit and vegetables in the kitchen are endless

Jeffrey Bijleveld


With the right products at the right moment i’ll make sure to exceed your expectations

Niels van den Berg

Manager Communication & Trends

We do our very best to make sure you can surprise your guests every day

Lars van Herpen

communication & trends

We know all about the seasons and the latest trends in fruit and vegetables

Robert Bovens

Operations manager

Some seasonal products are only available for a couple of weeks, we make sure to never miss a thing

Valentijn Zonneveld Piek

operations assistant

I assist to make sure the process goes as smooth as possible

Ilyza Lima-Corbet

quality assurance

The food safety is guaranteed from the grower and all the way to your kitchen

Cees van Toorn

Frontman orderpick day

We make sure all products are carefully checked when they arrive and get the right place in the warehouse

Brian de Snoo

orderpick manager

Together as a team, we'll do anything to be a fast, flexible and reliable partner

Jeroen de Vos

Assistent manager orderpick

Your products will be sorted out with the greatest care and precision

René Geelhoed

Product specialist

As a team we are the link between the grower and the chef

Raymon de Boden


We keep our lines as short as possible

Hilde Voortman


Some seasonal products are only available for a couple of weeks, we make sure to never miss a thing

Werner Franse

Sales & Purchase wholesale

I won't stop till we have the best quality fruits and vegetables in our warehouse

Ilona Evers

HR manager

Together we're Rungis

Sandra Coevoets

HR professional

My passion is to find the right man or woman for the right place’

Ton Segers

Logistics manager

Our top-notch logistics team makes sure your order is delivered at the right place, at the right time

Erik van Drunen

Teamleader logistics

You can find us daily at your company, where can we place your order?

Bianca Eekman

Teamleader logistics

Timing is everything, we make sure you can count on us

Erwin Boekee

Assistent teamleader logistics

Our logistics team makes sure to unburden you the best as possible

Jan Groenendijk

Head finance

As a familybusiness we strive for a lasting relationship with our customers

Daniella Lindemans


Clarity and openness makes sure we can build a stable relationship with our customers

Jeannette and Helma


Together we provide a service that will exceed your expectations

Fortunately, there’s a constant supply at Rungis, because we sometimes need three hundred kohlrabi. Not just for De Librije, but also for Bar Senang: fruit and vegetables are wel represented on the menu there too.

In the first place because of the enormously wide range of products. And as an extra, i’m a big Japan fanatic and Rungis imports a lot from Japan; that’s also an important reason