Most delicious tomato ever

A firm and crispy bite, juicy flesh, an excellent taste and the best aroma. At Rungis we’re unanimous, this tomato is the best one we’ve ever tasted!

The Nebula is an exciting new, red round cherry tomato with an extraordinary good taste. Both sweet as savory are highly present in the taste of this tomato. In combination with some beautiful freshness, it results in a concentrated flavor we’ve never tasted before.

All-in for the best taste

Nebula cherry tomatoes have a firm and crispy bite because of the thick peel and are deliciously juicy. They’re less red than what you’d expect of cherry tomatoes. This is typical for this species, where it’s all about the flavors. Even the tomato plants are ‘bullied’  during the cultivation by growing them on salty water to get those extraordinary flavors. All-in for the best taste.

Even by keeping them raw, the taste of the Nebula tomato reminds of candied tomato or even sun-dried tomato. That’s how powerful and concentrated the flavors are on themselves, without the need for additives or preparation. The combination of a new breed along with the specific cultivation method, makes this an unique product. The Nebula cherry tomatoes are only available ar Rungis!

‘Rungis is my eyes and ears. They know exactly what fits our vision: the purity of a product which we can make something beautiful with. Very appealing is their variety of special suppliers

At Rungis they already know for 15 years what i want and how i don't want it. This way you make each other stronger.