Cevennes onions, an onion like no other

Onions come in different colours, sizes and origins. The Cevennes onions from France are one of Rungis’ favourites. With its fantastic sweet taste, this onion is truly an onion like no other.

In the south of France we can find the Cévennes region. In addition to being a beautiful nature reserve, the beloved Cevennes onions also come from here. These sweet onions are grown high between the mountains, on terraces surrounded by stone walls. Mechanization is almost impossible here, so the entire cultivation of the Cevennes onion is done by hand. The Cevennes onion takes full advantage of the climate and the soil here. These ideal conditions create a delicious sweet onion, really the crème de la crème. This onion is only grown here and therefore has a PDO, protected designation of origin.

The Cevennes onions are a lot sweeter than other onions. Another big plus of this onion is the lack of the corrosive substance that normally makes you ‘cry’ when peeling and cutting. Tearing eyes are a thing of the past with the Cevennes onions! In addition to being beautifully sweet, the Cevennes onion is crunchy like an apple, has a nice firm structure and is deliciously juicy. This onion is perfect for raw preparations thanks to its soft aroma, but this onion is also a real asset in hot preparations.

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