Golden ear mushroom

The golden ear mushroom is one special mushroom. When roasted this mushroom has a taste and texture that is reminiscent of fried pork rinds with the softness of slow-cooked pork belly. Gelatinous with a neutral taste. This golden ear mushroom, also known as yellow fungus or witch’s butter, can be recognized by its gelatinous, lobed structure and golden yellow color.

In Asia, and especially in China, the golden ear mushroom is often eaten in soups and stews. This mushroom must be cooked before consumption, our experience is that roasting of baking it crispy gives a great result. This mushroom can be added to soups, curries and stews for texture and color. The neutral taste of the golden ear mushroom goes well with garlic, ginger, green onions, thyme, coriander and soy sauce.

Roasting or crispy baking gives a great result

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