Dutch white asparagus

Our asparagus come directly from our growers on the Brabantse Wal or our growers in Limburg. For optimum freshness, the asparagus are always transported refrigerated. The young plantings on the best located plots guarantee optimal taste and quality.
A strict sorting in combination with good advice means that you get to work with a product which you can count own everyday!



Limburg asparagus white AA

Sorting 20-28 mm, per kilo 20186
Sorting 20-28 mm, per box 20346

Brabantse Wal asparagus AA

Sorting 22-28 mm, per kilo 20186
Sorting 22-28 mm, per box 20346

As soon as the Brabantse Wal asparagus become available at the end of March, Rungis switches from Limburg AA asparagus to Brabantse Wal asparagus, which are sorted more tightly.

Along the border of Western Brabant with Zeeland and Flanders lies a striking landscape: De Brabantse Wal. The wide variety of soil types and land use is distinctive for the Brabantse Wal.

The Brabantse Wal asparagus are distinguished by its slightly salty taste. This unique taste is formed by the underground water that finds its way from the Kalmthoutse Heide through the Brabantse Wal towards Zeeland and by the salty sea air that blows over the Wal from Zeeland.

In 2016, the Brabantse Wal Asparagus was recognized as a European regional product and is therefore on the same list as Gouda cheese, Parma ham and the Opperdoezer Ronde; so good company!

Superior Queens asparagus

Sorting 22-26 mm, article number 20232

Superior Queens asparagus are biologically grown and come from young asparagus fields, which makes them extra tender. They are also sorted extra strictly. Superior Queens are asparagus with a particularly delicious taste. An asparagus that has been grown entirely in a traditional and sustainable way, but also an asparagus that respects and appreciates nature to the highest degree and is only harvested from the cold ground. Only the very best may bear the name Superior Queens.

Peeled asparagus

Article nr. 220500, A asparagus, box 3,5 kilo
Article nr. 220072, AA asparagus, box 3,5 kilo
Article nr. 221319, AAA asparagus, box 3,5 kilo

Do you order a box of peeled asparagus?
Then you will receive 3.5 kg of peeled asparagus with the peels. Together this weighs 5 kilos.

Direct from the grower: Thanks to our short lines of communication and cooperation with the grower, you always receive fresh asparagus in the kitchen.

Go for convenience & no waste: Know exactly what you’re getting and spend your time on the work where you can really make a difference.

Dutch asparagus A & AAA

Asparagus white A

Sorting 16 – 20 mm, article number 20187

This asparagus has a stem diameter of 16 – 20 mm. The A asparagus are a bit thinner but just as fresh, beautifully white and have a fantastic taste.

Asparagus white AAA

Grading 28+ mm, article number 20301

This asparagus has a stem diameter of 28+ mm. AAA asparagus are very suitable for cutting into ‘sticks’ and, for example, placing them upright on a plate.

Asparagus at Rungis: Sharp pricing and still the very best quality and sorting!

Queenies; white asparagus tips

Article number 20191, bundle of 200 grams

Taste: Crisp and juicy young asparagus shoots. Refreshingly fresh.

Preparation: White asparagus tips are the most tender asparagus tips. In fact, they are so tender that they do not need to be peeled and can be eaten raw.

Combine with: For example, fill a small flower pot with asparagus mousse. Cover with black savory shortcrust pastry and let the tip stick out!

White asparagus du marché

Article number 20171

White asparagus du marché are sorted less tightly than the AA asparagus. This asparagus can also have a light purple colored head or be slightly torn at the bottom.

White asparagus du marché are competitively priced and very suitable for cutting or, for example, to use in soups or sauces.

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