Yuzu kosho, the taste sensation from Japan

Yuzu kosho is een smaakbom in elk gerecht dat het aanraakt. Niet voor niets al jaren een belangrijk onderdeel in de Japanse keuken.

Yuzu kosho is a flavor bomb to every dish it touches. It has been an important part of Japanese cuisine for quite some years.

The origin of yuzu kosho

Yuzu kosho is a product that originates from the Kyushu region, the third largest island in Japan. Over there it has been an almost mandatory kitchen supply for years. However, it still is one of the newer introductions in Japanese cuisine because the history of this product only goes back around 50 years. Different from, for example, the traditional miso paste or soy sauce. It is only recently that yuzu kosho has become widely available in Japan, making it a lot more well known.

What is Yuzu Kosho?

The ingredients of yuzu kosho are quite simple. Yuzu kosho is made from fresh chillies, usually green but sometimes red chillies are used, then the chillies are fermented with some salt and a bit of skin from the yuzu. The combination of chili, citrus and salt combines into a flavor that can blow life into any dish. A very tasty paste!

The sour and spicy taste of the yuzu kosho makes it a favourite for many chefs to use in combination with rich and fatty meats. A perfect balance! The yuzu kosho does not only work well with meat, it is also is the perfect paste to immediately give other dishes extra flavour too. For example as a seasoning on fish, both raw and cooked. But also a small teaspoon in a soup immediately provides an extra kick. The yuzu kosho also is a fantastic product for vegetarian dishes. The bright, rich umami flavor of yuzu kosho instantly adds depth to many vegetable dishes. For example, simply processed in a dressing, but also as a topping on avocado.

Yuzu kosho green

Article number 16065

Taste: Fermented green pepper paste with yuzu. A powerful mix of spicyness, saltyness and a touch of freshness from a citrus

Preparation: The perfect seasoning. Spicier than the red variant. Add to a dish as a finishing touch.

Combine with: Delicious on meat, but also great as a topping on avocado toast.

Yuzu kosho red

Article number 16064

Taste: Fermented red pepper paste with yuzu. A powerful mix of spicyness, saltyness and the freshness from a citrus. Milder than the green variant.

Preparation: Made from ripe yuzu peels and red chillies. Fuller and milder in taste than the green variant.

Combine with: Delicious with noodles, but can also provide an extra kick in a soup.

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